Valley’s Based Food Firm is BBC Radio Wales’ “Business of the Week”…

Posted: November 16, 2011 in Business/Cardiff News, Petersens News, Tillery Valley Foods

Tillery Valley: Delivering Nutritious Meals across the UK

Tillery Valley, a national meal provider to the public sector, will be featuring on BBC Radio Wales Wales@Work tonight at 7pm.

The feature follows a tour of the company’s factory which has the capacity to produce 1 million meals per week and a short interview with various members of staff including Site Director, Phil Hall, who speaks openly and frankly about his business and the state of the industry.

As an environmentally responsible business, Phil mentions that he is keen to support the local economy here in Wales, working with suppliers as local as the farms that surround the factory in valleys of Abertillery.

He even comments on Tillery Valley’s PR company (us!) and how he feels it is important to have that local support in Wales in order to get the company’s positive messages across. It is a truly

 fantastic business and one in which, as Phil admits, has not always been very good at shouting about its success and we hope that the interview on BBC Radio Wales will be a step towards changing this.

With over 350 staff and a turnover of £30 million,TilleryValley plays a significant role in the local economy of the South Wales Valleys.

The company supplies chilled and frozen food to the healthcare sector and delivers to approximately 120 hospitals and trusts around theUK. The vast majority of their contracts are with organisations outside of  Wales right now but Site Director Phill Hall is keen to change this. Raising the profile of Tillery Valley within Wales is an important part of this strategy.

Tillery Valley has invested time and money in nurturing its workforce to make the business more efficient.  A number of employee forums were set up to give employees a voice, a Health and Safety Manager was employed to focus on reducing accidents in the workplace and Senior Management are generally more visible on site.

Just four years ago absence was running at 11% and has now been reduced to just 4%!


It will no doubt be a very interesting interview, so for a chance to find out where your hospital food might be coming from, don’t forget to listen in to BBC Radio Wales at 7pm tonight.

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