Petersens ‘Made it Happen’ for me…

Posted: November 8, 2011 in Opinion, Petersens News, work experience
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By Abi Williams, GO Wales WorkTaster Student at Petersens PR

Abi Williams, GO Wales WorkTaster student at Petersens

“Walking into an office on the first day of work experience is always a daunting prospect, and I definitely didn’t get off to the perfect start by getting lost on Cardiff’s intricate bus network. However, Petersens could not have been more welcoming to a flustered student trying to make a good impression. I instantly felt comfortable and was really excited about the experience that lay ahead of me.

It was definitely a case of ‘full speed ahead’ on my first day as I was soon whisked off to accompany the team on a meeting to discuss plans for a new website. It was a great opportunity to see the team in action, and to get a sense of what this strange world of PR really entails. It didn’t disappoint. The team flew into action, talking about how they wanted to present themselves as a company, and I’d never really realised before just how important the colour red could be!

Since that day I’ve had the opportunity to try my hand at all sorts of different aspects of PR; ranging from market research, updating media contact sheets and client books, writing press releases and even dabbling with photography for an inter-office photoshoot. I definitely don’t consider myself the next Nigel Barker or anything and my invitation to appear as a guest photographer onBritain’s Next Top Model is still pending… but it was great to be involved with the development of Petersens’ new website. I can’t wait to see the end result and whether or not any of my little contributions made the cut.

Preparing and attending The Breakfast Club with Becci and Rob was a highlight for me (despite getting up at what felt like

The Petersens Team in Action

the crack of dawn), as it was a brief taster of event management as well as being my first experience at networking and interacting with other professionals. The exact difference between a full English and a full ‘Welsh’ breakfast is still unclear to me, but the guest speaker Lieutenant Colonel Didi Wheeler was really entertaining and spoke about a subject fairly close to home for me. With friends in the armed forces, it was great for me to hear a first hand account of life in The 2nd Battalion The Royal Welsh.

Becci has been a fantastic person to talk to, as her experiences with uni and Go Wales have been so similar to mine. It’s really reassuring to see that all the horror stories of graduate unemployment don’t necessarily have to come true. Becci and Louise have both gone out of their way to help me with every thing, and with their input I feel so much more prepared to follow a career in PR. Rob has been more than welcoming, and his big personality has made my time at Petersens easy going but very rewarding. Now all that’s left for me to do is get that degree… take a deep breath… and jump straight into the professional world.”


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