All good things come to an end…

Posted: October 5, 2011 in Opinion, Petersens News, work experience
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…Unfortunately this includes the seven week work experience taster I have been enjoying with Petersens PR.

The whole team has been so supportive and friendly during my time here that I genuinely feel part of the team. I am extremely grateful for the advice and time they gave to me explaining me how PR works and the correct structure for writing press releases.

Unlike other work experience placements, Petersens encourage you to be as hands on as possible by allocating tasks for you to complete that day. These included press releases, researching, telephoning media contacts, organising client portfolios and assisting with the organisation of the Cardiff Breakfast Club.

I can honestly say considering all of the work experience placements I have done, Petersens has definitely been the most enjoyable and valuable in setting me up on my way (hopefully!!) to a future career in PR.

I wish Petersens all the best in the future and would like to thank them all for this invaluable opportunity!

PS: Thanks for the slice of cake Becci!!

PPS: And for the lovely flowers Rob!

 By Ceri Paine,

Third Year English Literature Student at Cardiff University

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