Relax at the 3rd best hiking destination in the world… In Wales!!!

Posted: August 12, 2011 in Opinion, work experience
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By Matt Grindulis, Work Experience Student at Petersens PR

So, with all the trouble the streets of the  UK cities are facing at the moment, let’s take our mind off it all and enjoy a relaxing hike on one of the world’s top trails. No, I’m not talking about jumping over to Tanzania or Peruto scale Mount Kilimanjaroor walk the Inca trail. Instead, our own “Pembrokshire coast path” which has (by online travel advisor Cheapflights) been listed the third top hiking destination in the world!

Based on top of the limestone and volcanic cliffs of the west coast of Wales, the 186 mile long trail already makes a significant impact on the county’s economy, “generating over £14 million each year” (Charles Mathieson, head of recreation and tourism Pembrokshire).

The beautiful trail is made up of several trails from as short a 9 miles, and weaves in and around sandy beaches and fishing villages. Although it is the natural splendor of the area which attracts the millions of people who visit each year, its preservation is just as highly rated by locals especially in terms of the 2000 year forts and 400AD burial grounds.

So, now with this new-found fame and exposure in the public eye, tourism and new business opportunities in Pembrokshire are looking very fruitful.

So, next time you’re in the mood for a refreshing walk or seeking an enterprise in a rural setting, remember the beautiful Pembrokshire coast and the possible influx of hiking enthusiasts wanting to visit the 3rd top hiking destination in the world.

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