Putting the Theory into Practice…My first few weeks at Petersens PR

Posted: August 3, 2011 in Petersens News, work experience

By Matt Grindulis, BSc International Management undergraduate

Matt Grindulis on a GOWales WorkTaster at Petersens

After finishing the first year of my ‘BSc International Management’ degree, in which I was introduced into many parts of business (including PR) I thought I should probably start putting the theory I was learning into practice.

When I signed up for the work tasters with ‘GoWales’, I was half expecting the classic ‘work experience’ role of filing and making cups of tea every 2 minutes. But Petersens showed me immediately that they were willing to get me involved in their work and operations. In fact, within 2 hours of arriving at Petersens I was driving the Managing Director, Rob Petersen, and Becci (Account Executive) to ‘Spindogs’, a web development company. Once there, I was encouraged to sit in the meeting between the company’s directors and Rob, who, with his real accommodating nature, even involved me in some of the discussions.

If this wasn’t enough for a first day, I was then given the responsibly of writing a press release for one of Petersens’ long standing clients for the appointment of a new employee. For this I was given expert advice from Cerys Palmer (Senior Account Manager) and a template to work from. Even with no journalistic experience, I felt prepared and was encouraged to ‘give it a go’, which is not a common feeling I have had on other work experience placements I have done.

Now, I am onto my second day of this work taster and have once again had a new experience. This morning was the

Professor Amanda Kirby addressing the Cardiff Breakfast Club

‘Cardiff Breakfast Club’, an event for businesses to network, listen to a guest speaker and possibly most importantly; enjoy an excellent breakfast!

The speaker today was actually extremely interesting for me, talking about disability in the workplace, and being dyslexic with a successful academic career I was enlightened to the idea of expressing the disability to employers from a positive viewpoint (An idea I would not have come across if it wasn’t for Rob and Becci allowing me to come along and participate in proceedings).

So, as you can see I have done more in 1 and a half days at Petersens than I realistically saw myself doing for the 5/6 week taster period. In fact, as I write this, I have just been asked to help out this afternoon with research and making phone calls to media contacts linked with an exciting new client win.

Petersens is a public relations company, and they are clearly doing a very strong job all across Wales, and I think Rob might just know every contact in the country! Nevertheless, I am hugely appreciating the experience and advice I have received so far, and look forward hugely to what lies in the weeks ahead…

  1. Crystal Evans says:

    Hello!! Can we please include this on the GO Wales blog???!!!

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