Cader Idris Conquered!

Posted: June 8, 2011 in Opinion, Petersens News

By Rob Petersen, Managing Director

On my first visit to Aberdovy my host Graham Johnson suggested I might like to accompany him on a ‘stroll’ up Cader Idris on one fine day.

Some time passed and before I knew it the challenge was set. On Saturday 4th June we ventured up this stunning Welsh mountain.

Once we reached the Summit Penygadair two and half miles later passing many climbers on their way down, we had a magnificent view of the Snowdon massif, the Lleyn Peninsula, the hills of Shropshire and I think I even saw the coast of Ireland!!!

Cader Idris

Descending the mountain was much more painful than going up but the sense of achievement as we enjoyed our barbecue of Welsh Lamb whilst overlooking the Devey Estvary, was profound!

May I recommend the challenge to any fit active person, but be warned it’s not a stroll but an extremely good work out!

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