“An Invaluable Experience”

Posted: June 7, 2011 in Opinion, Petersens News, work experience
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By Jodie Phillips, English Literature Graduate and Ex-Work Experience Student at Petersens PR

Jodie Phillips on a GOWales WorkTaster at Petersens PR

Having completed my GO Wales taster with Petersens PR, I wanted to acknowledge how much I have benefited from the expertise of the team, and hence the reason for this blog.

During my time at Petersens, I was asked to undertake a series of tasks, such as writing press releases, articles and blogs. Given that I had never written a press release before, I welcomed the advice of all the staff, especially Becci. Petersens taught me the fundamental rules and structure of press releases and explained how they differed from articles and blogs.

Now having this advice, I was asked to write a press release on a news story for one of Petersens newest clients. Considering it was a new client, the importance of constructing a ‘good’ press release was paramount.

Consequently, I took on board all of the advice Petersens had given me and was thrilled to discover that my first ‘proper’ press release was going to be used. Seeing it in a local magazine was a great achievement as I felt I had found a way of incorporating my creative, English skills into the professional field of PR.

Additionally, my time at Petersens also saw me helping to organise and run the Cardiff Breakfast Club networking event. From the simple task of creating name badges, to ensuring everyone had their badges and a place to sit, it was great experience to see how such a big event comes together.

I enjoyed the event so much that I decided to help Petersens with my second breakfast club event, even after only having just completing my final year assessments the day before.

Despite the initial shock of having to wake at 6am, I instantly set about helping Becci and Rob with the running of the event. Although feeling slightly inexperienced compared to the other networkers and, of course, the guest speaker, Laura McAllister, I really enjoyed feeling part of the business world.

My placement was truly a unique experience where I feel that I have not only learnt an invaluable amount from the Petersens team, but that I have also made some lifelong friends.

From Petersens’ expertise, I believe I have gained the skills in order to succeed in PR, and I look forward to developing my potential through undertaking many more opportunities in PR in the near future.

  1. Crystal Evans says:

    Great post Jodie! Sounds like you had a fantastic experience well done 🙂

  2. petersens says:

    Jodie was extremely helpful whilst she was at Petersens and was always willing to go above and beyond what was expected of her. Her writing skills are excellent and her enthusiasm was obvious from day 1 – I think she’ll go very far in the PR industry!

    Good luck Jodie and thanks for all your help!

    Becci Gould
    Account Executive, Petersens PR

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