A New Vision for Sport in Wales…

Posted: May 24, 2011 in Business/Cardiff News, Cardiff Breakfast Club, Events
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By Becci Gould, Account Executive, Petersens PR

This morning the members of the Cardiff Breakfast Club were greeted by a truly inspirational speaker – the multi-talented Chair of Sport Wales, Professor Laura McAllister who, although completing a PhD, writing a number of political texts, and becoming Professor of Governance at University of Liverpool, still maintains that sport is the greatest means of acquiring a sense of self-pride, ambition and inner contentment.

Addressing an audience of nearly 100 business people from around Cardiff, Laura explained that after experiencing its remarkable effects at grass-roots level, for her, it is time to put something back into the world of sport. And through the new Vision for Sport in Wales, she is able to do just that.

As a former Wales International Soccer Player and board member of Sport UK, it is no wonder that Laura has stretched Sport Wales to set some incredibly ambitious targets this year.

She explained that Sport Wales had two clear ambitions:

1. To get every child in Wales hooked on sport for life

2. To render Wales as a nation of sporting champions


Two very challenging targets that Laura assures us will not be taken lightly!

No, not every child will enjoy competitive sports such as football, rugby and netball but this does not mean their physical activity should be limited. Sport is as diverse as the children that play it – from cheerleading to table tennis – there is no doubt that any child can discover something that suits them.

Why is this important?”


Laura explained that being physically literate is as important as learning to read and write. It enables children to become aware of themselves and their abilities, to work with others and to learn how to conduct themselves appropriately. The benefits are endless – from personal development such as confidence building and motivation to education, not to mention the health implications such as tackling obesity, childhood poverty and social exclusion.  


But children will not encourage themselves to get involved in Sport. “


Laura explained that as adults and parents we too should be taking an active role in sport, whether it be joining a sports club or volunteering – we need to put sport back on the agenda and fully embrace its effects.

Sport has the power to bring communities together, to connect families and to create positive role models for children.  And it is through these amazing Welsh role models that Wales can be recognised as a nation of sporting champions.

Dai Greene celebrates after winning Gold in the Mens 400m Hurdles final

Although winning an impressive 19 medals for Wales in last year’s Commonwealth Games, Laura argues that our true potential as a nation has not yet fully been realised, and thus advances our targets for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games to 35 medals!


And why shouldn’t we be ambitious? “


We’ve got some remarkable sporting figures, fantastic coaches and great facilities – not to mention the support of leading businesses who are willing to invest both time and money into Sport.    

However, Laura emphasised that we do need volunteers such as parents and ex-competitors who can help to fully realise Laura’s dream.

Laura concluded her presentation by explaining that investing in sport is a win-win situation – by enlisting ourselves globally as a sporting nation we can firmly put Wales on the map, in turn providing positive results for all aspects of the economy.


The power of sport should never be underestimated…”


For further information on Sport Wales, visit www.sportwales.org.uk.

The next Cardiff Breakfast Club meeting will be held on 30th June with guest speaker Mark Hopwood, MD of First Great Western Trains. For further information or to join our mailing list email bec@petersensone.com.

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