Cardiff Breakfast Club Review 28th April 2011

Posted: April 28, 2011 in Business/Cardiff News, Cardiff Breakfast Club, Events
By Becci Gould, Account Executive, Petersens PR

Sandwiched between the Easter Bank holiday and the Royal Wedding was this morning’s Cardiff Breakfast Club meeting and a fine turn out it was. Despite the opportunity to take eleven days off for the price of three, 84 keen networkers attended the event at the St David’s Hotel and Spa with guest speaker Rhodri Williams, Director, Ofcom Wales.

With a strong Welsh background, having studied Philosophy at Aberystwyth University and being one of the co-founders of Wales’s largest independent production company, Agenda Television, now known as Tinopolois, Rhodri Williams addressed the club on the topic of the Digital Economy in Wales.

He began by explaining Ofcom’s role in regulating television broadcasting, revealing that they receive a staggering 450 complaints per day from viewers and interestingly, it only takes one complaint rather than 250 for an issue to be put through the complaints procedure. However, as he revealed in the question and answer session at the end of his presentation, Ofcom has no involvement in regulating what goes out to a live audience such as, as one club member pointed out, a name recently revealed on Have I got News for You which had an imposed super-injunction.

Rhodri Williams, Director, Ofcom Wales

Ofcom receives more than 450 complaints per day”

Rhodri then went on to discuss one of the key problems for economic growth in Wales– the lack of both mobile phone reception and access to broadband. To put this into perspective he stated that whilst 71% of the UK has access broadband services, this figure falls to just 64% inWales.

In the age of the digital economy, where does this leave Welsh Businesses?Rhodrisuggested that the divide was due to an urban-rural split rather than a representation of the development of the economy but it does pose some interesting questions about how we can progress if such services are not available. To this, Mr. Williams offered some good news – By 2015 the EU claims that all businesses will have broadband up to 30MB, including those within the farming and agriculture sector.  

In terms of mobile phone reception, Rhodri explained that with people needing to do business on the move 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, the level of mobile phone signal particularly in North Wales, puts a great strain on the Welsh Economy. As a past award-winning Welsh Tourist Board advertisement uses as its slogan, it is indeed ‘an area of exceptionally bad mobile phone reception’. Whilst for some this break from the constant flow of emails and phone calls is welcomed, in terms of encouraging international growth in Wales, it is simply inconvenient.

 An Area of Exceptionally Bad Mobile Phone Reception”

To conclude,Rhodri suggested that the Communications Act of 2003 soon to be reformed by the Government, is our chance to get involved and give Wales a voice. I am sure that the Cardiff Breakfast Club, particularly those members complaining about mobile phone reception, would agree that we hope the new act will bring great results for Wales!

Your Chance to Give Wales a Voice”

The next Cardiff Breakfast Club meeting will be held on Tuesday 24th May with Professor Laura McAllister, Chair of Sport Wales. To Join our mailing list or sign up for the Petersens monthly newsletter, email


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