Cardiff: What Do We Really Think?

Posted: April 7, 2011 in Opinion, work experience
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Jodie Phillips on a GOWales WorkTaster at Petersens PR

By Jodie Phillips, Third-Year English Literature Student at Cardiff University

Whilst the majority of people would agree that Cardiff is certainly an up-and-coming area, the City still has its problems.

A recent survey carried out by the Cardiff Business School in the Western Mail confirmed that people’s main problem with Cardiff was congestion while commuting.

As a commuter to Cardiff University myself, I can certainly agree with the majority of the survey by stating that travelling from Bridgend, which should take around thirty minutes, can take over an hour if it is during peak times. While this is certainly a problem in most major Cities, I think if Cardiff could find new ways in which they could decrease the amount of congestion, and therefore travelling times, it would definitely increase the appeal of the City.

Like the majority of the survey, I know there are alternatives to driving, yet these alternatives, as many people surveyed pointed out, are not adequate enough. If you want to get to the city centre there are certainly no problems due to the amount of trains and buses running, but for those places which do not have many transport links, it can take up to three different changes on a bus to get you to your destination. This, along with the time it takes to wait for each different bus, causes an inconvenience to your day and means you’ll probably end up feeling exhausted before you even start your day of work!

Another problem people raised was the price of parking. I think everyone can agree that you do expect to pay more for parking in the city than you would in a town, but after sitting in a traffic queue I think the last thing people want to do is to then have to pay for parking. I do feel, however, that the offer that St. David’s  has of £1 after 5pm is definitely a great encouragement for people to use city centre parking. It also certainly encourages late night shopping and eating out in the excellent range of restaurants and bars that Cardiff has to offer. I think the City would definitely benefit from more offers like this.

Despite its transport and congestion problems, Cardiff boasts some excellent facilities, as well as a great architectural heritage. With 95% of employees claiming they want to remain in Cardiff for the immediate future, the City evidently has unique qualities that set it aside from any other City.

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