Crunch Time at University…But What’s Next?

Posted: April 4, 2011 in Opinion, Petersens News, Uncategorized, work experience
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By Jodie Phillips, English Literature Student at Cardiff University

Having reached my final year studying English Literature at Cardiff University, I knew I needed more on my CV than just grades and academic achievements, as I am aware employers want more than just grades in this tough and competitive economic climate. I heard about the GO Wales placement and work taster opportunities from a friend and instantly signed up. Being rather fortunate that I had already decided that PR was the career field I wanted to pursue, with the help of GO Wales, I was able to gain the opportunity of assisting in the PR and Marketing of a small company called Mars Venus and You. Whilst I found this experience invaluable, I desired the opportunity to work in an actual PR and communications firm.

Consequently, when the work taster opportunity with Petersens PR arose, I instantly jumped at the chance of gaining the experience I had been searching for. I got straight to work on producing the best possible CV and covering letter to ensure I had the best chance of securing the taster opportunity. Fortunately, I was successful in my application and am now working in Petersens and gaining excellent knowledge and experience in the world of PR.

My first task was to carry out research for a potential newsletter for a client who specialised in fitted kitchens. Having a brief to find items that would be of interest in a ‘light hearted lifestyle section,’ I begun searching for ideas. Along with finding the ‘Top Ten Kitchen Gadgets,’ I was also surprised to discover that there is an increasing demand for a space within the kitchen for computers. This, I felt, was definitely something we could put into an interesting article as it shows how much society has developed. Who would have thought we would want computers in our kitchens twenty years ago?!

Additionally, I was asked to proof read the Petersens newsletter. From this I discovered Petersens work with the non-profitable organisation EcoDysgu, which is based in Bridgend. Being from Bridgend myself, I was shocked to discover that such an organisation existed and I was not aware of it. Bridgend’s reputation for suicides definitely shows a need for organisations such as EcoDysgu, a place where young adults can go to gain help and advice. The great work of EcoDysgu is still relatively unknown to the majority which is why Petersens work in utilising different media resources in order to raise awareness of the organisation is so vital.

The skills and experience I am gaining by working with Petersens are invaluable and I am grateful for all their advice and help. With their extensive knowledge and friendly personalities, it is evidently clear why Petersens was a finalist in the national work experience awards 2011 and I look forward to developing and learning more from their talented team.

Jodie Phillips on a GOWales WorkTaster at Petersens PR

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