Cardiff City Region – A Must for our Future Development

Posted: March 30, 2011 in Opinion, Uncategorized
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Central Cardiff Business Centre: Callaghan Square

Following Jon House’s, CEO Cardiff Council, speech at a recent Cardiff breakfast Club meeting, and the exciting news announced today in the South Wales Echo of the Council and WAG’s vision to transform Cardiff into one of the UK’s powerhouse, financial cities, the agency is delighted to support the campaign to further the case for the Cardiff City Region.

With the news of the H.M. Governments decision to electrify the rail line from London to Cardiff and to explore every opportunity to electrify the Valley lines, we have a real opportunity to make Cardiff City Region a reality. Let us hope that a decision can also be made to fast track the development of park and ride stations such as Cardiff Hub at the fast developing St. Mellons Business Park. By improving the basic transport infrastructure in the area, the Cardiff City Region concept can be realised. It is vital for potential investors in the region to have fast transport links for customers, staff, suppliers, tourist visitors and all travellers to move freely, economically and safely to, from and around our city region.

Cardiff Central Station

In addition, with Jon’s wish to see a revitalised Cardiff Central Station and inner business district, we can then give our visitors to the capital a welcome that befits a 21st century modern, vibrant, cosmopolitan city region.

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