2012 Olymics – An Opportunity for Wales…

Posted: March 29, 2011 in Opinion
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By Rob Petersen, Managing Director

It is not just the potential medial winners who are pulling out all the stops for ensure success in 2012. 

At a recent lecture, organised by the Cardiff Business School, given by Morag Stuart, ex head of Procurement at Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA), I was fascinated by the size of the task which confronted Morag, an ex-Cardiff Business School student who headed up the ODA purchasing activity from 2000-2010.

For example, the task of delivering the construction programme was equivalent to over twice the size of London Heathrow Terminal 5 in half the time!!

With the games less than 500 days away there still is more to be completed but already the Olympic Park is over 60% complete and the East London Skyline is now being dominated by the project.

Morag explored the challenges faced and the dedication/professionalism of the contractors involved. She maintained that there was still time for the Welsh Business Community to win business from the main contractors and follow the lead of other successful Welsh companies such as Cardiff-based EuroClad who have won over £3 million worth of work.

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