Review: Cardiff Breakfast Club 19th January

Posted: January 19, 2011 in Events
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by Becci Gould, Account Executive at Petersens Ltd.

Our first Cardiff Breakfast Club of the year proved to be a great start to 2011, with a turn-out of over 140 business men and women from the Cardiff area and an inspiring (and indeed interactive) speech from  the CEO of Cardiff Council.

After meeting and greeting our guests before being seated for our breakfast (Full Welsh for those not on a detox this January!), we were introduced to our guest speaker, Jon House who secured our attentions from the very beginning, not only through his vibrant speaking style but through addressing a topic that was of interest to all of us – ‘Taking Cardiff Council to the Next Decade’.  His interactive questions even managed to get our tired brains working as we pondered over Life Expectancy and Cardiff’s Crime Rates – Did you know, for example,  that only 11 house robberies and 4 street muggings are reported in Cardiff in 24 hours? As one woman confirmed, after guessing a total of 1000, our perceptions are clearly inaccurate and as Jon remarked , it is the council’s job to rationalise such inaccuracies.

Jon also noted how Cardiff can ‘up its game’ and remain as one of the most popular cities in the UK. To his target audience, he suggested a pedestrianised business quarter that is as easy to walk around as it is to drive through, in addition to vast improvements to our train station that make it stand out as a serious, modern and realistic city of business. 

Despite these minor downfalls, Mr. House emphasised Cardiff’s advancement over the past decade – becoming a city of inspiring architecture, fantastic sporting opportunities and diverse culture in addition to a focal point for tourism and leisure. Looking outside the window of the conference room onto a vision of the Millennium Centre and the tourist hotspot, Cardiff Bay, truly illustrated Jon’s  point and a proud feeling to inhabit this amazing city  filled the room.

If Jon’s speech was anything to go by – we think he will do a fantastic job at bringing Cardiff forward in the next decade and we hope our guests, new and old,felt as inspired as we did by Mr. House’s discussion.

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