Long Live Welsh Agriculture!

Posted: January 13, 2011 in Uncategorized
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by Rob Petersen, Managing Director

I attended an amazing seminar in Hereford yesterday on Agricultural Outlook for 2011. Organised by Baker Tilley and Andersons Consultants, the attendees from the farming community were given a comprehensive review of the past year and outlook for 2011 in the sector. Some fascinating comments were made which gives great hope to such a key sector of the Welsh economy.

The UK farmer is becoming increasingly entrepreneurial. As he develops his farming activities alongside both environmental management and non-farming enterprises, he must also adapt to a business environment where cost inflation is not matched by equivalent increases to produce prices. What is so heartening to see is not only how businesses are developing imaginatively, but also how many of these changes are being driven by young professionals or managers.

However, to contrast the above:

‘astonishingly, the policy of all cheques being signed by 65 year old Dad is still alive and well’.

As you can see, the event was a real indication of how many generations of families still farm our land and protect our wonderful countryside in Wales  – Long may the system survive!

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