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Special Guest Speaker: Tony Bagnall, Head of Capability at Cassidian Ltd (an EADS company).

Presentation topic: Inspiration, Innovation, Perspiration

Tony Bagnall will address the meeting and will explain how Cassidian has developed in Wales over the last two decades in our knowledge economy.  Cassidian UK has a growing reputation in defence and homeland security and is a UK leading supplier of secure end-to-end communication to the MoD. Cassidian was involved in providing security for last year’s Ryder Cup.

Tony lives in Cardiff and represents EADS on the CBI Council for Wales and serves on the Board of the Reserve Forces and Cadets Association (RFCA) in Wales. His contribution to Cassidian can be described by the three word mantra: Concept, Capability, Exploitation.

We would be delighted if you were able to join us.  If you wish to attend, please contact Becci Gould at

We hope you can find time to join us and look forward to seeing you.

Yours sincerely,

Morgan Cole.  Marsh.  Lloyds Commercial.  Western Mail.

by Becci Gould, Account Executive at Petersens Ltd.

Our first Cardiff Breakfast Club of the year proved to be a great start to 2011, with a turn-out of over 140 business men and women from the Cardiff area and an inspiring (and indeed interactive) speech from  the CEO of Cardiff Council.

After meeting and greeting our guests before being seated for our breakfast (Full Welsh for those not on a detox this January!), we were introduced to our guest speaker, Jon House who secured our attentions from the very beginning, not only through his vibrant speaking style but through addressing a topic that was of interest to all of us – ‘Taking Cardiff Council to the Next Decade’.  His interactive questions even managed to get our tired brains working as we pondered over Life Expectancy and Cardiff’s Crime Rates – Did you know, for example,  that only 11 house robberies and 4 street muggings are reported in Cardiff in 24 hours? As one woman confirmed, after guessing a total of 1000, our perceptions are clearly inaccurate and as Jon remarked , it is the council’s job to rationalise such inaccuracies.

Jon also noted how Cardiff can ‘up its game’ and remain as one of the most popular cities in the UK. To his target audience, he suggested a pedestrianised business quarter that is as easy to walk around as it is to drive through, in addition to vast improvements to our train station that make it stand out as a serious, modern and realistic city of business. 

Despite these minor downfalls, Mr. House emphasised Cardiff’s advancement over the past decade – becoming a city of inspiring architecture, fantastic sporting opportunities and diverse culture in addition to a focal point for tourism and leisure. Looking outside the window of the conference room onto a vision of the Millennium Centre and the tourist hotspot, Cardiff Bay, truly illustrated Jon’s  point and a proud feeling to inhabit this amazing city  filled the room.

If Jon’s speech was anything to go by – we think he will do a fantastic job at bringing Cardiff forward in the next decade and we hope our guests, new and old,felt as inspired as we did by Mr. House’s discussion.

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Long Live Welsh Agriculture!

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by Rob Petersen, Managing Director

I attended an amazing seminar in Hereford yesterday on Agricultural Outlook for 2011. Organised by Baker Tilley and Andersons Consultants, the attendees from the farming community were given a comprehensive review of the past year and outlook for 2011 in the sector. Some fascinating comments were made which gives great hope to such a key sector of the Welsh economy.

The UK farmer is becoming increasingly entrepreneurial. As he develops his farming activities alongside both environmental management and non-farming enterprises, he must also adapt to a business environment where cost inflation is not matched by equivalent increases to produce prices. What is so heartening to see is not only how businesses are developing imaginatively, but also how many of these changes are being driven by young professionals or managers.

However, to contrast the above:

‘astonishingly, the policy of all cheques being signed by 65 year old Dad is still alive and well’.

As you can see, the event was a real indication of how many generations of families still farm our land and protect our wonderful countryside in Wales  – Long may the system survive!

Pyramid of Djoser (Step Pyramid)

A Newport-based structural engineering company has recently secured a contract to save the first pyramid ever built in Egypt.  Cintec has been enlisted by the High Council of Egyptian Antiquities to preserve the pyramid of Djoser, otherwise known as the Step Pyramid, which was built in the 27th century BC for the burial of Pharaoh Djoser by the mystical architect Inhoptep. A major earthquake in 1992 compounded the results of many other seismic events over the eons and has caused serious faults in this famous archeological structure. Partial collapse of the burial chamber ceiling as a direct result of the earthquake could ultimately lead the collapse of the pyramid’s central chamber if action is not imminently taken.

Cintec, a structural repair and reinforcement systems company with headquarters in Wales, has an extensive track record in preserving historical landmarks across the world.  The company has maintained structures including, the Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, Iron Bridge Gorge and countless Castles and Churches in the UK in addition to The White House complex Washington DC and the Chicago Board of Trade Building in the USA, the Canadian Parliament Building, Thirteen historic mosques and buildings in Cairo, A pharonic temple Hibis in the Western Desert, and the Red Pyramid near Giza in Egypt, the European Parliament building in the centre of Athens, using its highly advanced and innovative engineering systems.   Such systems include stainless steel structural reinforcement anchors, which are surrounded with a special fabric sock and inserted into the body of the structure to be secured. The anchor is then inflated with a sympathetic micro grout designed for the purpose using a combination of pressure and vacuum to completely fill the assembly.

To support the partial collapse of the damaged ceiling, Cintec are using another technology it has developed, known as Waterwall.

Example of Air Bag

This recent development uses both Water and air technology, to mitigate the effects of improvised explosive devices in particular dirty bombs, provides anti-ram barriers and effective mobile barriers for instant relief from flooding.  Cintec’s team of experienced engineers will use a combination of these methods in order to temporarily secure the damaged ceiling while permanently repairing and protecting the Step Pyramid from further damage without altering the structure’s outer appearance. The overall value of the project is £16 million Egyptian Pounds.

Peter James, Managing Director of Cintec says:

‘We are extremely pleased to have been appointed for this project and are always looking for new methods to support and maintain historical landmarks across the globe.  We recognise the importance of both historical and religious structures to their culture’s and hope to continue to develop advanced reinforcement systems that will preserve archeological structures for future generations.  The Step Pyramid project is of particular importance to us as the entire structure could be destroyed at any point due to the damage on the ceiling and roof caused by the earthquake.  We aim to work as efficiently as possible on this project without comprising the design or strength of the structure.’

The reinforcement company is familiar with working under great pressure and was recently called upon by the Indian Government to strengthen the Mangi Bridge in Dehli before the beginning of the Commonwealth Games.  Not only did the Cintec team deliver ergonomically sound results, but they also managed to complete the project five days ahead of schedule.   Cintec is currently awaiting decisions on further projects throughout the UK, Europe and the rest of the world, amounting to over 10 million pounds.


Just some of our coverage:

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The Independent 6th January 2011

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Rob Petersen, Managing Director

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Event: Amateur Boxing Evening

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A Development Committee event to support The Prince’s Trust Cymru

Friday 18th February 2011

Mercure Holland House Hotel, Cardiff

Compered by former Cardiff Blues captain, Rhys Williams, and joined by a number of celebrities from the sporting world. Boxers from St Joseph’s Boxing Club in Newport as well as a professional Exhibition

The evening will include:

Drinks Reception at 6.45pm

Three course dinner and wine

Boxing commences at 8.30pm

Charity Auction

There are a few tables left at £750 for a table of 10, or £75 per person. Cheques should be made payable to “Friends of The Prince’s Trust” Please contact Brian Guy on 07581 426 929 or call Petersens on 02920549597 for more information.

Click here to see Event Poster