Rob’s Fitness Tip of the Week…

Posted: December 8, 2010 in Uncategorized
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…Walk Yourself to Health!


I have a very good friend who, whilst leading an active life, was getting concerned about his weight and overall fitness as he had retired from full-time employment.  Other friends had suggested joining a gym and crash dieting. My advice was simple…start walking for your paper every morning. So initially he got a lift to the shop and walked back (about a 10 minute walk). After a few weeks he walked there and back. He also made an effort to reduce alcohol intake but still enjoying a glass or two at the weekend. He was on a collection of drugs to improve his fitness and felt unwell. Now, 12 months later, he walks for an hour every day, has lost 2 stone in weight, has thrown away all his pills, looks great and can finally fit back into his Armani suits which he last wore 15 years ago! Moral of the story – do not join a gym, do not crash diet, start very slowly walking, enjoy the outdoors, reduce your tipple and walk yourself to health!


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