The Poppy Day Great Escape…

Posted: December 2, 2010 in Uncategorized

Operatives from Caerphilly-based GKR Maintenance and Building Co. Ltd had a lucky escape as they paid their respects to the armed forces at 11 am on Thursday 11th November.

On the morning of 11th November the Contracts Manager for GKR bathrooms advised the team, which is currently completing a bathroom upgrade scheme for Resident Social Landlord in Tuscan Close, Llandough, Cardiff, to change the time of their break so they could pay their respects at the 11 am silence. At 10am a tree fell and crushed the Welfare unit, where the staff usually would have been taking their break.

Adrian Jarman, a GKR Contracts Manager explains; “Some of our operatives have family members serving in the armed forces, so I wanted to give them the opportunity to pay their respect

s by changing the usual break time. We also wanted to give local residents the chance to pay their respects in silence without the team creating noise associated with building work. I changed the break time to 10.55 and the tree fell at 10am, which is when the team would have ordinarily been in and around the Welfare unit. People would have almost certainly been seriously injured or even worse had we not changed the time to pay our respects with the rest of the country”.

Chris Dennis, GKR Director Comments; “This is very much a case of divine intervention on Adrian’s behalf. GKR is currently upgrading 600 kitchens and 400 bathrooms a year for this Residential Social Landlord; therefore we are extremely busy and work to a structured schedule. Had it not have been Memorial Day, our staff could have themselves, been in Peril.”

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